In the Studio with Brian Lotti

If you know Brian Lotti, you know his talent transcends simply what he can do on a skateboard.

A talented artist and one of skateboarding’s pioneers, Lotti seamlessly transitioned from inventing the Bigspin to carving out a successful painting career in one fell swoop. He got his start experimenting with photography, painting and drawing, by-products of the creative scene that’s been embedded within skateboarding culture since day dot.

Recently fixing his gaze on throwback collabs, Lotti has teamed up with adidas Skateboarding to release his iteration of their ongoing tribute series Respect Your Roots. Kicking things off with a special reissue of the Campus 80s—the same model he used in the 90s—the new Campus 80s x Brian Lotti feature custom printed artwork by the man himself.

We caught up with Lotti recently and spent the day in his New York studio to chat artistic process, happy accidents and the intersection between skateboarding and art.


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