Strava Maps Every Public Toilet in the World

Huge news for people with bladders, bowels, and alimentary canals: Strava is mapping all the toilets of the world.

The exercise tracking app has just announced a new feature called ‘Points of Interest’, which allows access to ‘community-powered local hotspots’—including public restrooms. Obviously, Strava had people like the notorious Poo Jogger in mind when developing ‘Points of Interest’, but there’s no reason why a non-athlete couldn’t just use it, too. Speaking of the Poo Jogger, I feel for that guy*. When he got busted in 2018, I thought, ‘You filthy animal. I hope you rot in jail.’ But now I know what it’s like to be out on a run and for your body to decide it’s Go Time. If I had a dollar for every occasion where I’ve walked home on the balls of my feet, I’d have, like… six bucks. Easy. And that’s why ‘Points of Interest’ is a godsend.

According to Strava, the hotspots are created from areas on OpenStreetMap that are popular with Strava athletes, including bathrooms and water fountains, as well as cafes, bike shops, places to take cool pictures, and other landmarks. Strava Subscribers can also create their own routes that include hotspots using the Routebuilder function. According to Will Meyer, senior product manager for Strava’s Places team, Points of Interest has been in development for over five months. ‘Points of Interest has been in development for over five months,’ he told The Verge, ‘and more ways to interact with dynamic POI will be coming later this year, along with a suite of features that complement POI. We’re just getting started with how athletes can engage with points of interest and trailheads on Strava and working to build the best athlete-centric map.’

So, if you load your britches while on holiday in Mexico, you’ve only got yourself and that prawn chimichanga to blame.

*I do not feel for the Poo Jogger. He crapped in the same laneway 30 times and each time brought his own toilet paper. Appalling. 

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