Storm Troopers – Episode I

“We’re currently sailing the concrete sea with only one thing in mind: embracing madness and the wide-open road. In other words, we are “YOLOing” our way across the United States of America. Which brings us to the naming of our mothership —my van — the Millennium YOLO. It will be our home for the next month.

So far, she’s guided us through 2400 miles of deserts, storms, road beers, white sands, full moons, aliens, Texas, road beers, more Texas, “Let’s pull over in Austin!” BBQs, Jitterbug Vipers, country music, “Let’s go check out New Orleans!” Bourbon Street, secret whiskey bars, live music, and finally, the East Coast. Sort of. We’ve actually arrived just short, in Pensacola, Florida, on the Gulf Coast and home to the most serious surfer on the planet, Sterling Spencer.

Here, Sterling’s led us to Hooters, fireball shots, a movie premiere, skinny dipping, skateboarding, spike ball, cider, bowling, surfing in Alabama (seriously), bushwhackers, line-dancing, karaoke and a trillion good vibes. It’s been the perfect beginning for a new coast, and we’re only just getting started.” – Dylan Graves

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