Champagne Super Stolen Nova

Wine, music, videos, dancing, birthday cake. What a ripper combo for a school night.

Our friends at Only Gets Better put on another absolute ball tearer of a party titled ‘Cielo’. This time they packed out Club Tee Gee and invited Stolen Nova to release his new single, ‘Lauren Bacall’, premiering the music video directed by Charlie Denis. I went along to the event with a camera and a flash that doesn’t work. We also got access to a couple of behind-the-scenes moments from the making of the video to create this mix-mash of an article. Check out the recap video below (shot by Drake Apolinar, Edited by Kaytlin Martin, and featuring ‘Rayquaza Ex’ by Exodia). Hopefully, it’ll make you wanna crack open a bottle of organic wine, eat a slice of cake, and dance around awkwardly in a blue suit listening to the heavy riffs of ‘Lauren Bacall’.

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