Stoke of the Week: enjoi Pays the Love Forward

Sometime back in January, Karsten Kleppan posted a clip of Wieger Van Wageningen in Barcelona in a Skate Mental hat.

And then, on March 8 in an interview with British fashion retailer Route One, Wieger himself mentioned he was going to have a new board sponsor. The internet skateboard rumor mill speculated, as they do. And, surprise! On March 23, Skate Mental themselves (whose social media I can only assume is run by a musty golem made out of Brad Staba’s old hats) welcomed him to the team via their Instagram. He’s naturally doing an insane trick only a handful of people—of which he is one—can make look good. Finally, the next day enjoi posted the above video.

Yeah, I was a little late to the game in Wieger’s team switch. Yeah, this came out last week. Yeah, this is presumably the stoke of this week. So what? I’m not the skateboard newswire and I didn’t read all of that stuff as it was posted. I backtracked on The Berrics and had to watch, like, three of the same Sean Malto Nike ads. That sucked.

What really got me stoked was the seemingly hastily made style of the video. Last minute things happen when you feel really strongly about something. It’s clear how strongly they felt about Wieger. They love him. His tenure on the team and his string of incredible parts while riding enjoi boards shows that the love was reciprocated.

Sometimes breakups with teams are bad. I’ve heard from countless pros how the money, job and team aspects of the industry can sour anyone’s love for the board. Enjoi paid the love forward by sending Wieger off with a big, sloppy, digital kiss and even encouraged people to buy his Skate Mental Board (still with the wiener jokes, huh?). That kind of respect for the work other people are doing within skateboarding made me want to hit the streets. Well, that and Wieger playing air guitar with a human around the 37-second mark. That had me dying.

If you don’t know who Wieger Van Wageningen is then I’m sorry and you better hit the nets and backtrack for yourself. Have fun watching those ads.

Additional stoke (aka a clip that actually came out this week)

Alright, I thought about this one a bunch and am throwing it in for good measure. For many, the brands under the Crailtap umbrella have remained beautifully unchanged or stubbornly outdated, depending on your opinion. You know what’s opinion-proof? Ripping in the streets with a huge crew. These Weakdays clips showcase just that and this one in downtown Los Angeles got me especially stoked.

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