Step Inside the Twisted World of The Goon Saloon

I’m sitting here writing this on an old, Victorian-era sofa, next to a skeleton in a cowboy hat and a giant wizard creature’s head, looking at the explosion of color, confetti and cornhole that makes up The Goon Saloona month-long artist-in-residency at 1700 Naud. 

The madness started when Wizard of Barge (Dakota Cate) and Crocodile Jackson (Hunter Jackson) agreed to hang out with Pabst Blue Ribbon, Monster Children and 1700 Naud for the month of October, in an effort to pump out some art for the sake of the Blue Ribbon Studios Initiative.

Explaining their work in words hardly does it justice… but I’ll try anyway. They’ve created three-dimensional artwork on the gallery walls featuring lively, colourful cartoons and a game of cornhole that involves throwing bags into a different character’s bungholes: score. You can also enter your own private fortress where pieces decorate the walls with encouraging phrases like, ‘Life is trash and I’m dumpster diving’ and ‘Eat shit and die.’

These two artists bounced states roughly six months ago, uprooting from Austin, Texas to chase their art career dreams in Los Angeles; only to find COVID-19 and the year of 2020 shaking shit up for them, much as it did for the rest of the world. However, with weird times come weird opportunities and in the end it all worked out, which you’ll see for yourself as we’ll continue to share some of their work throughout this week. Appointments to see The Goon Saloon booked out within minutes of being announced, but you can see the show from the comfort of your own victorian-era sofa. Check out the 3D walkthrough below.

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