Staying Seated at a Mini Skirt Gig?

Photos by Dougal Gorman 

Last weekend was the first time in months I’ve attended two gigs in a row.

Am I complaining? Hellll no. Give me more. If it were physically possible, I would have attended at least three more gigs; however, two nights in a row would have to suffice. With Great Southern Nights now in full swing, live gigs are at an all-time high across Sydney.

So let’s start on Friday. With the Mini Skirt boys in town, friends from far and wide congregated for an afternoon of sipping beers and playing Shemozzle (if you know, you know). As the days get longer, the activity of sharing laughs and drinks with friends seems all the more sweeter. After a solid afternoon of talking shit, it was time to walk around the corner to the Vic on The Park.

Despite a few early hiccups—such as no snare drum stand nor stool; typical drummers—Mini Skirt was ready and raring to play to a fully packed out Vic. Supporting The Skirt on the night were Sydney’s one and only Naughty Boys, who never disappoint. I’d say I’ve seen these guys play more than anyone in 2020, which really says a lot about the Naughty Boys and their determination to make the most of this shit-show of a year. In fact, they play this Saturday to a sold-out Kelly’s on King.

Next came Mini Skirt. Fuelled by fluorescent pink watermelon cocktails and ironic Byron Bay-branded beers, the boys came out firing on all cylinders with ‘Pressure’ from their latest EP, Casino. With a mixture of old and new songs, it was the likes of ‘Billy Elliot’ and ‘Holiday’ that really riled up the seated crowd.

Sure, rules are rules, but one simply can’t stay seated at a Mini Skirt show. The sweet sweet sounds of ‘Tissue’ proved far too overwhelming for two punters who were eager to mosh… Unfortunately, the wild flailing didn’t last long as the two were promptly dragged out. Ahh, moshing. Those were the days.

Rounding out the night, the crowd chanted for their favourite song ‘7-3’. Instead, they were treated to Jacob’s most recent stand-up joke about powdered milk. Ask him about it, he’d love to tell it again.

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