Stanley Donwood Is the 2017 Monster Children Guest Editor

And what a pleasure the whole process was.

In his own words, Stanley Donwood is not many things: a clear thinker, a forward planner, a smart operator, an astute businessperson, a public speaker, or a responsible parent. He is, however, the art director (for want of a better title) of the well-known musical group called Radiohead, a gracious host, a talented, hilarious wordsmith, and, as we’ve recently discovered, a wonderful guest editor. Stanley Donwood was first asked to come into the Radiohead fold to help his Uni mate Thom Yorke with the cover art for the seminal 1995 album The Bends. Since then, well he’s just been part of the furniture, creating extended bodies of work for each record, each as meticulously thought out and sweeping as the albums themselves. Outside of his prolific work with Radiohead, Stanley’s shown his work around the globe, written and published books, been the official artist for Glastonbury festival, the list goes on. If that’s not someone with the necessary pre-requisites to temporarily take charge of this wayward vessel, then I don’t know what is.

Ladies and gentlemen, your host, Mr Stanley Donwood, standing in front of one of the works that he made for A Moon Shaped Pool.

To say it was a treat to spend some time traversing English pubs with Stanley Donwood in his hometown would be an understatement. A week was spent by the Monster Children team (both of us) in the picturesque southwest of England, and the magazine that’s resulted is as unique as it is reflective of Stanley Donwood’s diverse tastes, delivered, as always, with a healthy dose of his trademark self-deprecating humour. The mag will be on the shelves Tuesday 3rd October, but there’s far more to this venture than just ink and pages. Stanley also helped us curate a limited boxset to accompany the issue. Contained within you’ll find various trinkets reflective of our time spent with the talented artist—including a one-off MC x Stanley Donwood Moleskin diary, stickers, badges, a record, a hat, and of course, the magazine. If you’re going to do it, then you might as well do it properly.

Just a fraction of the prolific work that Stanley’s created for Radiohead, fresh from the pages of MC #56.

The box set is available for pre-sale now, and if you subscribe to our rag before this Sunday then you’ll get a free tote to carry all of your more than useful things in.

For the curious among you, this is what the 2017 Monster Children Stanley Donwood Guest Editor box set looks like.

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