Stacy Peralta Lifts the Veil on ‘Mr Pipeline’

Gerry Lopez is as radical as he is Zen.

There’s no one category you can try and pigeonhole him into—along with being one of the most influential surfers and surfboard shapers of all-time, he’s also an entrepreneur, mad keen yogi, and Hollywood actor (he’s been in everything from Big Wednesday to Conan the Barbarian with Arnold Schwarzenegger).

A man with as fascinating a life story as Mr Pipeline himself deserves the documentary treatment, and he’s finally getting it thanks to Stacy Peralta and Patagonia Films in their new feature, The Yin & Yang of Gerry Lopez.

Photo: Jeff Divine

For the first time ever, we’ll get a proper insight into the life and times of Gerry, and you can rest assured he’s got a few stories to tell. Widely regarded as one of the best tube riders to ever do it, his influence on modern surfing can’t be understated—among a laundry list of achievements, he created the eye-catching Lightning Bolt jag, and was one of the first brands to sponsor team riders with free boards (often because many of the riders didn’t have the money to buy them). But before getting into all that, he’d like to apologise for his less-than-enlightened-yogi approach from the early years.

‘I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to all the people that I stole waves from,’ Gerry says in the film’s opening scene. ‘Because I know that my surfing has been a subject of admiration and the way my surfing got to that level was stealing a lot of waves from other surfers. You see, taking waves from other people is really the same thing as stealing, and if you do it enough—and I did it a lot—you can become pretty good at it. You also stop thinking about what a low thing it is.’

Photo: Dan Merkel

But don’t just let us tell you about it: go see the incredible documentary for yourself when Patagonia screens The Yin & Yang of Gerry Lopez at locations around Australia, with Stacy and Gerry there in the flesh to answer your questions. They’ll be bringing the film to Melbourne, Lorne, Coolangatta, Byron Bay, and Sydney (with additional locations to follow), so make sure you register for tickets right here.

Photo: Jeff Divine

A portion of tour ticket sales will be donated to Patagonia’s non-profit event partner and legends, Surfers for Climate, a sea roots movement dedicated to positive climate action. Limited edition The Yin & Yang of Gerry Lopez merch will be available, with all proceeds benefiting Surfers for Climate.

To reserve tickets, visit

06/10, 6:30 pm – The Astor Theatre, St. Kilda, Melbourne, VIC
06/10, 6:30 pm – Lorne Cinema, Lorne, Surf Coast, VIC
09/10, 6:30 pm – Rainbow Bay Surf Club, Coolangatta, QLD
10/10, 6:30 pm – Stone & Wood Brewery, Byron Bay, NSW
12/10, 6:30 pm – Ritz Cinemas, Randwick, Sydney, NSW
13/10, 6:30 pm – The Orpheum, Cremorne, Sydney, NSW
Coming soon: Newcastle, NSW; Wollongong, NSW; Noosa, QLD; and WA

Photo: Drew Kampion

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