Spring Waves with Ezekiel Surf Club


ezsc_s16_2_020_1Photos and Video by Michael Cukr
Three’s a crowd and four is a club, if you ask the boys of Ezekiel Surf Club. They kept it local for some Spring 16 waves out on their home turf near Encinitas, California.

The Ezekiel Surf Club is probably a bonafied club, of course, but the small and earnest kind of club you only find in the movies. Members are delegated only the most essential tasks like ordering coffees or packing the guitar. Cameraman Michael Cukr carries out his role as the memory maker, and he’s back at it again with footage of Kip Armstrong and Kyle Kennelly out on that glider.

“We went to seaside to try to film because its usually a really good left. El Nino has made it completely different so it was just this big weird close out barrel . We shot all around, from Encinitas to Sano, trying to find good waves for Kyle’s experimental board riding. Alot of the time he was trying this thing called “tripoding”, where you put your back hand behind you on the board. Kyle looks great on a surfboard always, its fun filming him and this is all of our homes so it was fun to film around here opposed to a foreign place.”

“Sano was our best bet most of the days. I have a tape recorder in my car that I record things with from time to time. Kip is both a good friend of mine and a good guitar player. The “soundtrack” of this edit is a recording of Kip playing guitar at Sano.”


Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 7.41.05 AM


Click here to watch the Jack Coleman Edit or scroll south for more seaside snaps.

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