Soweto Punks TCIYF Release ‘CUMLYF’ EP

This time last year we ran a photo story about an emerging punk scene in the South African township of Soweto.

The story was shot and told by Karabo Mooki, and was mostly concerned with a punk group called TCIYF, or The Cum In Your Face… Which is a pretty punk name, I think… It’s definitely gross… Anyhoo, TCIYF just wrapped a European tour and come home to release their debut EP, a seven-track face-melter titled (naturally) CUMLYF. 

From start to finish, CUMLYF is one of the most interesting records I have ever heard. It’s definitely a punk album, but there’s something a bit more sophisticated than ‘punk rock’ going on. Without channelling Glen A. Baker too much, the rhythms and changes on this album are refreshingly peculiar, and by the time I got to the final track, ‘Gin & Fights’, I actually felt like someone had metaphorically cum in my face. That’s that Cum Lyfe for you. Favourite jams: ‘Band Practice’, ‘Bad Weed’ and the aforementioned ‘Gin & Fights’.

Stream the album HERE.


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