South Korean Hair Growth Helmet Could Cure Baldness

Male pattern baldness. One of the world’s greatest mysteries.

Men the world over have been searching for answers on how to treat baldness for eons, and we may finally have a solution. Electronic company LG has announced new technology that promises to regrow hair without the need for an expensive transplant. The LG Pra.L MediHair helmet is the latest creation developed by LG’s beauty appliance brand in the fight against male pattern baldness. Approved by the South Korean drug safety ministry, this revolutionary piece of tech could be a game-changer for your chrome-domed mates.

Resembling a bike helmet, the MediHair unit uses Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT), a treatment approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness), to help regrow hair. The futuristic-looking helmet includes 146 lasers and 104 LED lights that stimulate hair follicles, encourage growth and slows down the balding process. The device is still in the early stages of testing, but a recent clinical study by researchers at the Seoul National University Bundang Hospital yielded positive results. Participants in the trial wore the helmet three times a week for a period of 16 weeks and noticed an improvement in hair density and thickness.

There’s no news on when the LG Pra.L MediHair unit will be available for sale, but for those sick of being compared to Vin Diesel, keep hope in the fact you’ll soon bee able to sport a full head of lush hair in the near future.

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