It’s Tired to Say These are the Best Photos You’ll See Today

© Tavepong Pratoomwong, Thailand

We’ve made a shortlist of a shortlist.

Here’s some of our favourite photos from this year’s Sony World Photography Awards in the professional, youth, open and student focus categories. While all the categories have consistently incredible images, some of the most in-depth come from the professional category. This is because entrants must submit a body of work (between 5-10 images), which makes for some pretty incredible photo stories, which you can check out here. They cover holidays spent in deserted Bulgarian holiday resorts, Khuzestan dust storms, the limestone workers of Egypt, ongoing turmoil in the Honduras, secret Greek brothels and so much more. Although the phrase, “The best photos you’ll see today” is one of the most overcooked phrases on the internet, these really are the best you’ll see today. Go have a gander.

© Salvatore Mazzeo, Italy
© Andrés Gallardo Albajar, Spain
© Ralph Gräf, Germany
© Christina Simons, Iceland
© Nader Saadallah, Egypt
© Nader Saadallah, Egypt
© Yulia Grigoryants, Armenia
© Toby Binder, Germany
© Dino Kuznik, Slovenia
© Ren shi Chen, China
© 品禧 罗, China
© Yuan Peng, China
© Adi Bulboacă, Romania
© Diego Mayon, Italy

© Kurt Tong, UK

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