Somebody Please Buy Me This Knife

Knives are awesome and you know it.

They’re not only good for stabbing voodoo dolls of bad guys who pass anti-abortion laws, they’re also incredibly useful for a variety of other things, including: throwing at fences and hoping they’ll stick, picking locks when you’ve lost your keys, and proving to your friends you’re not a wuss.

Kick-ass knife purveyor, The James Brand, partnered with French artist and skateboarder, Lucas Beaufort, to design and develop a super-limited edition run of fixed blade knives. How limited, you ask? Only twenty of these suckers were made. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. Kind of like reproductive rights in Alabama (fuck you, old white men!).

To get some insight into the production process, I hit up Ryan Coulter, founder of TJB: “It’s never been done before. Crazy-ass process to make it. We make big, thick 3D blocks of solid material—with the color all the way through—and then machine it down. No printing, skins, or dipping. None of that shit. It’s all the way. Pretty crazy.”

I need this knife and I need it now. Mostly to prove I’m not a wuss.

Order the one-of-a-kind knife here.

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