The Soft Side of VD

Surfing World editor, Goons of Doom frontman, and regular Monster Children contributor Vaughan Dead has released an album of love songs.

The album, entitled Vaughan Deadly’s Songs for My Lady, was written and recorded at a rate of one song per day for a period of nine days. “It was a birthday prezzie for my the one,” says Vaughan. “Every song started as a something I’d sing to Ali (VD’s the one) in bed with a guitar, and I’d sing them with my eyes shut, dude. These are songs that were never meant for other ears… ever.”

Vaughan launched the project as a stand-alone single, but later invited his friend the musician and sound engineer Pauly B. to come up to Byron Bay and join him in the studio. “Pauly was going through a super-fucked-up breakup and was super-depressed, so I said ‘Come stay at my place and get away from your life for a while, we’ll do a couple of extra songs.’ ” Pauly B. packed his suitcase (and a ton of recording gear), and Songs for My Lady was born. “We’d record a new song every night,” says Vaughan, “with people swinging by and playing on different tracks. Then when I went to work the morning, Pauly would spend the day mixing and adding extra sounds.”

Since its release three weeks ago, Vaughan Deadly’s Songs for My Lady has sold 250-million copies, beating AC/DC’s combined record sales by 50-million units, and The Spin Doctors’ Pocket Full of Kryptonite by even more. Vaughan’s secret? Sincerity. “This album,” he says, “is some fuckin’ earnest shit that will make you feel super-awkward if you actually listen to it.” Among the very personal songs are the solid gold hits “I Wear My Thongs Sideways”, “Ride Me Like a Bike”, and the highly infectious “Domestic Bliss”, a tune that celebrates a state Vaughan appears to be relishing more than anyone we know.

Purchase Vaughan Deadly’s Songs for My Lady here.

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