Snapt 4 is Finally Here!

Snapt4 from Logan Chucky Dulien is finally fucking here.

Not only did we have to wait for basically a whole pandemic to get this thing delivered to our grubby little NFT-suckling, crypto-obsessed eyeballs, we knew it was coming this whole damn time. By now you’ve probably watched an excerpt of Jack Robbo doing something completely silly, so I won’t bore you anymore because you have a great 50 minutes ahead, thanks to the crew below.

Snapt4 was filmed over two years, across the globe, and stars Mason Ho, Jack Robinson, Clay Marzo, Seth & Josh Moniz, Zeke Lau, Barron Mamiya, Parker Coffin, Benji Brand, Ian Crane, Eithan Aton Osborne, Carlos Munoz, Sheldon Paishon, and the leader of the pack, Salmon Boy Simon Rex. Thank you, and aloha.

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