Slabs For Jabs: Hawke’s Brewing Awarding People Who Get Vaccinated

As stated (at length) in a previous and cheerfully absurd post, I had my second vaccination yesterday.

And in the last hour or so, I’ve begun to feel the side-effects: lack of energy, headache, chills, etc. I feel like death warmed up, so I’m just going to lay on my back and dictate this post with Siri (which is how Mike D wrote in his guest ed issue, incidentally):

Hawkes Brewing Co. is giving away cases of beer to people who can prove that they’ve been vaccinated this is a wonderful way to ensure that people who like beer get vaccinated but what about all those people who prefer Sambuca. Weill any of the same book a companies come forth and offer Booker to people getting vaccinated. Poor zeus. helping vaccination hops pub so I could consider giving shots. Maybe the New South Wales government could be giving people Sambuca shots as they exit the vaccination hub. Also, will Scott Morrison have a brewery named after him? Not likely. Anyway for more information on how you can get your free box of beer from Hawke’s Brewing Co. go on the internet.

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