Skateboarding and Architecture Collide at 98 Orchard

Artwork by Mathieu Claudon and Etienne Bouet

French duo Mathieu Claudon and Etienne Bouet have been cooking up something special for the last two years, and they’re ready to unveil it at 98 Orchard this Thursday night.

Their new series, Unconcrete Architects, explores the intersection of modern architecture and skateboarding through paintings and photographs. The pair work together seamlessly; Mathieu shoots skateboarding in some of their favourite historic spots around the city, and Etienne then uses paint to highlight architectural elements within the composition. While modern architecture as a whole inspired their approach to each artwork, it was the watercolours of Finnish architect and designer, Finn Juhl, which really set the tone for the whole series.

Using black pen and blocked primary colours, the series builds upon skate shots and portraits of big names like Christian Hosoi, Eric Dressen and Ray Barbee to bring a whole new meaning how skateboarding toys with modern architecture, and vice versa. Unconcrete Architects is a fresh take from two talented Frenchman you should definitely check out this Thursday night, but don’t forget to RSVP here before you do. See you there.

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