Skate Gnus – Maité and Nora’s Sweet New Shoes

Nora Vasconcellos and Maité Steenhoudt require no introduction; but what the hell, I’ll be polite.

Nora is one of the most prominent pro skaters in the world at this point, and seems to have settled into an enviable and fulfilling purple-tinted life surfing, skating and making art in Hawaii. Rookie pro and soon-to-be Olympian ball of energy Maité is in the thick of the buzzing Belgian/European skate scene and lays claim to the most ridiculously styled smith stall to ever be styled. Both of them are amazing ambassadors for female skateboarding, skateboarding as a whole, and humankind in general.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, adidas has released signature colourway shoes for Nora and Maité. The shoes—Nora’s is a Gazelle ADV, and Maité’s is a Samba ADV—both feature handwritten dedications, hidden messages and old photos in their designs, and Nora’s inner sole includes a story about her mum that pays tribute to the many women who have fought for equal access to participate in sports. Nora and Maité kindly answered a few of my silly questions, which is a nice excuse to run these sick photos.

Name: Maité Steenhoudt.

Age: 21.

Years on the board: Maybe fifteen?

Latest trick: Layback everything.

Set up stats: An 8.7 Uma pool-shape board with nice fat 55 ace trucks, accompanied by 4 very hot 55mm spitfire wheels. Very fast Bronson bearing is needed. Mob for maximum grippiness. Bolts I just find in the lockwood toolbox.

Favourite meal: Vol-au-vent from the day before and Tajine chicken lemon with a lot of sauce that my aunt Saida makes.

Favourite song: I don’t know, too much music, maybe Diamonds On the Soles of My Shoes from Paul Simon. I like Billie, Saada Bonaire, Bowie…

Favourite video part: Tea and Biscuits.

Favourite woman: Mum.

Favourite year: 2019.

Favourite hope for the future: to keep on doing this shit 🙂

Meaning of life: The question we’ll never know, try to enjoy it, there is a lot of love in this world.

Name: Nora Gilda Vasconcellos.

Age: 28.

Years on the board: Fifteen… Wow over half my life now…

Latest trick: Been hurt for a couple of months but I had been getting into kickflip nosepicks. My cutback is getting better too.

Set up stats: Welcome board anywhere between an 8.5-8.75… trucks standard Krux 8.5 and been playing with a smaller wheel size… around 54mm.

Favourite meal: Alaskan king crab legs or lobster risotto, some good dipping butter, and asparagus.

Favourite song: Can’t stop playing Saw You In a Dream by The Japanese House.

Favourite video part: Either Marissa in Strange World or Ben Raybourn for Slave, the part with the massive back D.

Favourite woman: My mom, Joan Celeste Fontaine. Icon.

Favourite year:
All of em

Favourite hope for the future:
Sustainability, inclusivity, and having the tools to make those big guiding principles in my life.

Meaning of life:
To protect and preserve the love of family, friends, and passions 🙂

Get yr mitts on these kicks at www.adidas/maite_nora

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