Skate Films You Can Watch In Your Bubble

You know all those skate vids you bookmarked to watch later?

Later is now. I’ve rounded up my favourite films produced by Monster Children over the years and put them all in one place to help you kill the boredom. Enjoy.

One Night in New York 

Brian Delatorre and Aaron Herrington took us on a journey through New York City. We went over the Williamsburg Bridge, past the vegan Indian spot and Washington Square Park, pushing all the way up through to Midtown. The video was shot and directed with the amazing eye of Brandon Kuzma. Watching Kuzma work on this was nothing short of incredible. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if we’d gotten anything at all as we weren’t shooting for that long, but maybe I was just focused on shooting the photos. Thankfully, I was proven very wrong. Kuzma was just working at a top speed; every shot was nailed on the first try which kept the whole night feeling organic. His awareness and execution of his ideas made for this epic piece, one of my favourite videos that Monster Children have put out to date.


Sammy Winter, Austyn Gillette and Craig Anderson… what else do I need to say? A lovely little clip of those bros enjoying Australia in the surf and on the land. I think there’s some sorta gossip about how the footage got lost on a hard drive and it took a year for the edit to come out, or maybe I’m lying, just watch the video.

Louie Lopez – Light Box

When Kevin Duffel (running the show over here in LA) told me about the idea to project images on the ramps and make a video, I had no idea how epic it was going to come out. This little edit came out amazing and like nothing else. I can only imagine it was terrifying to actually skate, but I’m glad they roughed through it for cabin feverish viewing pleasure.

Drain Scouting

Is there anyone from Sydney that remembers the Cave Clan? When I was a teenage kid, I heard rumours about this group of people that met up and went on expeditions through the hidden network of tunnels all over the map. I was so enchanted and intrigued I figured out how to get on one of these expeditions myself. I met up and everyone was super teched out with all kinds of adventure gear and maps planned out for our route. They were really excited about going to check out this ‘waterfall’ that was one of the highest in all of the drainage system in Sydney. We climbed through sewers and uncomfortable, scary spots to make it to the ‘waterfall’, which was a weak stream that fell a couple of metres. It was ugly. And it meant nothing to me and I realised my future was not in the Clan.

Danny Dicola had a much better idea by bringing a skateboard along and no map.

Temptation Suppression

Michael Cukr had the bright idea that we should get a helicopter ride over Tokyo for this edit. If you’ve ever seen the @shibuyameltdown Instagram, Cukr and I could have easily been victims of that handle the night before. It was one of the scariest hangover moments of my adult life. We took off over the sprawling Tokyo city in this little one-man helicopter, feeling every breeze in our sails. I couldn’t get back to sturdy and then Cukr didn’t even use the clip in the edit. Aside from that, this was such a fun trip with adidas Skateboarding and Cukr did an epic job of telling our week long story through the city with the adidas Skateboarding team.

Gutter Dust

Kyle Camarillo is so damn talented. He crosses between shooting photos, filming and directing seamlessly. Drake pushes his way through some of the iconic skateboarding spots in SF with a huck or two here and there. It’s a great little piece of rainy day, quarantined eye candy. If you’re already listening to your favourite song right now, you can probably leave that running.

Dan Mancina x Braille Institute 

This film perfectly depicts how incredible this whole project was. I was lucky enough to be a part of this day with kids from the Braille Institute in Los Angeles. The Adidas pro Skateboarding team helped them put together their own boards and then guided them through their first steps on a skateboard. It was mind-blowing to see these kids fearlessly expand their ideas of what they are capable of.

At Home

The first At Home with Wes Kremer was just an excuse for me to go get stoned in San Diego. I don’t come from a video/editing background, but I figured it’d be fun to go visit Wes and point my DSLR at him on video mode. He took me around for the day and we gathered a shit ton of footage for one battery and two stoned idiots. I got home and tried to figure out how to use Premiere and this is how the whole series began. I don’t even know if it is a ‘series’. I’ve since had the opportunity to make three other videos with my friends around their homes, inside and out. I got to use a couple of different cameras and mantained my status as a pretty novice filmmaker, but it’s the subject that counts, and these dudes are all fuckin’ legends, so I hope you can still enjoy! Check out At Home with Elijah Berle, Brad Cromer, and Gilbert Crockett.


10 things I Hate started as a piece in the mag a long, long time ago and when you’re just filling out a list of 10, on paper it’s easy to stay on task. 10 Things I Hate in video form has encouraged much more hate. So much so, that the good folk at Monster Children asked if we could go between love and hate… but people just wanna hate. Get someone going and they might take off. I’ve had the pleasure of editing most of these things and I can assure you that everyone in these hated way, way, way more shit then we even can show you. It’s fun—try it at home while you’re in quarantine. You can try love too, but hate is just way more entertaining. Check out Love/Hate with Skin Phillips, Lotties, Jake Anderson and Curren Caples, Dustin Dollin, Mike Anderson, and Evan Mock.

Back to the Feature

We made a mess of some classics. We were doing our best. Go have a watch of our Back to the Feature series with Tom Remillard, Mike Anderson, Kader Sylla, Kevin Spanky Long, Ryan Townley, Dane Barker, and Aaron Herrington.

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