Short Film ‘Tomorrow’s On Fire’ is a Must Watch

With 26 lives lost, 1.25 billion animals dead, and 2000 homes destroyed, it’s hard to find a speck of positivity in Australia’s bushfire crisis.

But there’s hope to be found if you take the time to look around. There’s the unbelievable outpouring of donations that have come flooding in, not just across the country, but from all across the world; everyday heroes going above and beyond for complete strangers, and global protests to demand climate action and funding for the firies. There’s also been some incredible art produced in response to the harrowing events, like the above film by Australian filmmaker Darcy Prendergast.

Created in direct response to the Australian bushfire crisis, Prendergast’s film Tomorrow’s on Fire is a rallying cry for action and togetherness, in a time of political divide. After watching a distressing news segment on the impact of the bushfires on the koala population, Prendergast wrote the poem which you hear in the film, and began working on the animation immediately. Seven weeks and many sleepless nights later, he completed the film, and it’s a touching snapshot of how many Australians are feeling right now. We’ll leave you with Darcy’s own words: ‘Rally together, love strong and rage stronger, so that life on this planet, can last some time longer.’

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