Short Film ‘ENOUGH’ is an Ode to Losing Your Shit

You know why that security footage of an office worker throwing the printer out of a top floor window is so hilarious?

Because we’ve all wanted to do it. And if I had a dollar for every time I’ve wanted to slap some loud-talking moron’s phone onto the floor, I’d have enough for that pair of A-grade noise cancelling headphones from Bose that I’ve been angling for for months now, to no avail.

Like a bald Britney Spears trying to mutilate a car window with an umbrella, humans abandoning all form of self-control and partaking in a little emotional anarchy is one of the highest forms of entertainment known to man, which is why two-minute short film Enough is just so good. Director Anna Mantzaris’ cute but dismal characters decide to throw social decorum (and at times, their computers) out of the window, in the most relatable of social situations. Inspired stylistically by Swedish director Roy Andersson and the drab, cheerless commuters and skies of London, Enough reminds us that we’re all the same deep down—and if you secretly want to fly kick your co-worker’s car window off its hinges, you’re only human.

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