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Guest Judge Selects

James Kates

Not Dark Yet

A Film by James Kates On Dharawal and Yuin Country between 2020 – 2022 Poetry / Voice – Russell Webster Music – The M1 Title – Simon Perini

Director: James Kates | Editor:

Jason Domancie

The Bach at Te Whaanga

A brief look at the history of a special piece of land and the Bach that sits on it.

Director: Jason Domancie | Editor:

MC Staff Selects

Jake McCann

Tales of a western road

Two years ago you found yourself alone; desolate in a town you’d never been as your partner drove away. Months soon passed where you began to find solace in the road, camping west. You remember smiling in love at the first taste of that western road.

Director: Jake McCann | Editor:

Dane Singleton

‘Em Reid’

'Em Reid' A short film piece by Dane Singleton A short documentary piece on Em Reid's sense of self, place and what has drawn her to become an artist.

Director: Dane Singleton | Editor:

Ed de Carvalho

My Old Friend

Australians love the pub and 'the local' holds a special place in everyones heart. My Old Friend captures the cherished moments that can only happen in those cosy walls.

Director: Ed de Carvalho | Editor:

Robert Sherwood

Black Moon

A short film focusing on devoted Australian photographer, Trent Mitchell and his experimental pursuits with the mode of photography. The film documents the creative process Trent takes to achieve his latest bodysurf series: Inner Atlas.

Director: Robert Sherwood | Editor:

All Entries

Rohin Brown

Mr. Cornelius

A surreal semi-autobiography based on true events- About connection: Finding a "A Strong Sense of Self" in uncertain times through embracing the brash cultural disposition of Eastern Europe.

Director: Rohin Brown | Editor:

Thomas Robins


Shot over a day, Marinade media spent time with Sydney street artist Moper. Audio – Hayds Super 8 Footage – Jizzlawd

Director: Thomas Robins | Editor:

Jemma Scott


In an imminently changing world, it's more important now more than ever to do what you love. 'South' portrays the surfers, shapers, creatives & musicians in the place that they call home. Shot between 2020-22 on Super 8 in the South West of WA.

Director: Jemma Scott | Editor:

Ted Clark

Littoral and a bit out to sea

Checking surf spots after a long covid lockdown the patterns and rhythms of the material, animal and human world on the coast are quietly dancing together. Video, editing Ted Clark, music composed and performed by Molly Jane, talent Spencer & Jess.

Director: Ted Clark | Editor:

Adam Carr


In Celtic mythology, Selkies change from seal to human form by shedding their skin when the tides are correct, seducing or being held captive by human lovers. Our Selkie emerges, casting her spell of seductive and violent dance.

Director: Adam Carr | Editor:

Arlie Carstens

For Sharon With Love

This is the film you make and the song you compose when striving to make sense of someone's passing. It is the sight and sound of that absence. Ubuntu to the max. Director: Arlie Carstens Editor: Melissa Henderson Music: Arlie Carstens + Eric Fisher

Director: Arlie Carstens | Editor: