Shoes Made from Carbon Emissions?

Sustainability, sustainability, sustainability. It’s all anyone ever talks about these days.

Which, of course, is a good thing, but you rarely see anything that sustainable, right? I’m not going to mention names, but when a company makes something out of sustainable materials, they’re always a little bit not sustainable… Like, I said, not citing names, but it all strikes me as pretty tokenistic and cynical. But then you can’t even watch Netflix without ruining the planet, so why are we kidding ourselves? You want to save the world? Leave the grid. Move to the woods, raise your own food from the earth, and don’t create any waste. Become Amish is what I’m saying because that’s the only way you’re ever going to have any positive impact on the situation. You’re literally killing the planet by reading this and using electricity. Go Amish. Immediately. Failing that, invest in these new running shoes from the Swiss sportswear brand On Running—they’re made from carbon emissions! Talk about making lemonade out of dirty, black, sky-choking lemons.

The carbon emission shoes are called Cloudprime and feature a new foam material called CleanCloudTM that uses carbon emissions as its raw material. On Running partnered with LanzaTech, Borealis, and Technip Energies to create the shoe, the label’s first design to move away from using fossil feedstock. Not sure how they did it, but LanzaTech, Borealis, and Technip Energies work in biochemicals, sustainable processes, and material innovation to create the greenest products possible, and Cloudprime is their latest offering. Buy these shoes, sell your car and run off into the woods. Fixed.

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