Shit Art Club Are Building a Rocket at 1700 Naud

Photos by Morgan Rindengan

Los Angeles-based art collective Shit Art Club have been our in-residence artists throughout September, and now their show is ready to launch.

We’re not speaking figuratively here—they built a rocket and plan on leaving Earth in it soon. Paradis Welldus is a group show comprised of five artists and friends (Plastic Ferrari, Loser Angeles, The Mac, Jake Joseph, Lucy Eyears and Demi Boelsterli) who’ve been in a quarantine pod since this virus showed up.

They’re all insane (in the best way possible) and want to go to utopia up in the sky: Paradis Welldus. And because they’re such nice people, we don’t have the heart to tell them this spaceship won’t go anywhere. It’s made of tinfoil and empty PBR cans, and the blasters are just smoke machines. It’s pretty heartbreaking, actually, because they really want to leave.

The upside of all of this is their group show, which is showing now and looks great. You can book an appointment and see their art and the rocket in person (just remember to play along when they show you the shitty blasters). Also, remember to wear a mask, duh. You can see the show virtually and buy the art here.

Paradis Welldus is part of our new, COVID-friendly initiative, Blue Ribbon Studios: an effort to keep artists working and being creative during the pandemic. All Blue Ribbon artists are keeping 100% of art proceeds, and Shit Art Club is donating 10% of sales to The Space Foundation, who works towards enabling the education and workforce development programs for students and teachers, young leaders, entrepreneurs, and space professionals.

Blue Ribbon Studios ranges from a residency program, a huge digital group show coming this fall, live streams via Workshop Wednesdays, mural commissions and more. Follow @1700naud to stay up to date with all the happenings.

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