Shane Borland Snacking Away In Indo

Fuck I’d give anything to be in Indo right now.

Being stuck at home has been rad, exploring our own backyard and whatever else makes us all feel right about this whole fucked up situation that is 2020. But damn, wouldn’t you just love to be able to roll down to Canguu, a shell of a human, do three shit turns in boardshorts and feel content to settle back into your next Bintang for the day? Maybe a couple of cheeky Beng-Bengs? We can only dream. And I watched the new David Attenborough Doco last night so gonna focus on saving the world from now on.

Anyway, Shane Borland and the likes of Balaram Stack, Wil Reid, Kai Hing, Lee Wilson, Mauro Diaz, Colin Moran, and Ken Suzuki spent a month-long haul in Indo last year on their new clip from Metal Neck. If you watch it, it’s definitely going to make you jealous and want to be in Bali eating Beng-Bengs and weird flavoured chips with Bintangs etc. It’ll also fire you up to surf and skate. 

Surfing and skating don’t often cross paths, but when they do it’s nice to see ’cause you get this interesting cross-pollination of style. Surfers who skate approach a wave differently. They see a section differently, They won’t do something that you might expect from, say, a Kolohe Andino or an Ethan Ewing. I’m not going to speak for Shane’s skating, ’cause I’m certainly not qualified. But just watch the clip. It’s fun and it’ll get you psyched to fly to Indo as soon as those damn borders open. And, it’ll make you hungry.

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