Album Review

Album Review

This album is all parts funk and zero parts suck. Doesn’t even rhyme. But it probably would if I were Finnish.

Is there a person left on this big mound of clay we call Planet E that isn't excited as hell about the release of Mad Max: Fury Road? Everyone's talking about the movie, but why isn't anyone talking about the soundtrack?

Dudes are, like, sixty five years old now and still throwing down like they’re running Detroit in their heyday. Guess Death really knows no bounds.

A few years ago, I wrote a kind of scathing review of Sonny & The Sunsets album, Longtime Companion. I have always hoped for the chance to redeem myself, and apologise to Sonny Smith. So here it is. Sorry, sonny.

Petite Noir's debut EP, The King of Anxiety, is a real kick in the guts to anyone moaning about how hard it is to sound slick on your debut record. Dude sounds like he’s been at it for decades.