See What You Made Me Do

When you’re sitting down on the couch after a long day of work or school, watching a documentary about the horrific abuse occurring behind Australia’s closed doors might not be your first choice.

But for the sake of the three million Australians who are victims of domestic abuse, it needs to be. For six years, journalist Jess Hill has met the real people who make up these grim statistics, collating her important and urgent research for 2019 book, Look What You Made Me Do, now a three-part series airing for the first time tonight on SBS, SBS On Demand and NITV.

It’s easier to breeze past the data than it is to ignore the real human face of this issue, so instead of rattling off statistics like how 10 women a day are hospitalised for assault injuries at the hands of a spouse or domestic partner in Australia, I suggest you hit play on the series’ trailer below. It opens with a deeply chilling 000 call from now-convicted murderer and domestic abuser, Shane Robertson, who is calling to report he’s just killed his ex-partner and mother of his children, Katie Haley. A warning that this trailer is disturbing and may be triggering, particularly for those who’ve been victims of domestic violence.

And if you’re still game enough to ask, ‘Why didn’t she just leave?’—the age-old question that’s successfully put the onus of abuse back onto the victims themselves—then tune in for episode two of See What You Made Me Do, which debunks that dangerous rhetoric.

See What You Made Me Do premieres on SBS, SBS On Demand and NITV at 8.30 pm Wednesday, May 5th. 

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