seanpabloportraitPortrait: William Strobeck

Sean Pablo must be having so much fun right now. You’ve seen him in Cherry, an appearance in Gia Coppola’s film Palo Alto, and he was welcomed to the Converse CONS team last summer. He created a new clothing line called PARADIS3, and a photo zine, TEEN STABBINGwhich both completely sold out. Sean let us in on a few details about his recent sessions out filming, his taste in photography, and what it’s like to be seventeen with a coveted zine.

Hey Sean, what were you doing right before you started answering these questions?

Just woke up.

What year were you born? Do you know anyone who shares the same birthday (famous or not)?

1997. I guess Cameron Diaz and I have the same b-day.

Where are you living and how are you spending your time?

I live in LA. I wake up get some coffee, maybe read a book, and then go skate. I spend a lot of time traveling. I recently got back from New York which is sort of my home away from home, but skating has taken me all around the world. I’ve also been working on starting a small clothing brand. I’ve already sold out on the first run I made, which is pretty exciting for me.


Sean Pablo _ Wallie RailslideWallie Boardslide Photo: Paul Roura

Congrats! Pretty crazy that you’re only 17 and starting your own clothing company. At seventeen all I was doing was skating, trying to make out with chicks, and getting people to buy us alcohol. What is your clothing brand called?

Right now I’m calling it PARADISE, but it could change. I dunno, making clothes was always something that interested me. It’s small right now, but so far it has been really fun and I want to continue to make stuff.

You recently self published your first zine titled TEEN STABBING. How did you come up with the name?

I thought that title was funny because it is a dark title for a zine made by a seventeen, and it riffs on the whole teenage angst thing.


Sean Pablo _ Wallie Backside SmithWallie Back Smith – Photo: Paul Roura

If you were working at Family Bookstore and a customer asked you about TEEN STABBING how would you describe it to them?

I would tell them that it would bring you back to feeling like a teenager, wandering the lonely city, searching for love and getting drunk with your friends. Ha! Just kidding, I don’t really know.

How long have you been shooting photos for? From the looks of it, it’s all point and shoot film photos and possibly some phone photos? Any particular reason you chose certain mediums?

I’ve been shooting on and off since I was about 15 or so. I like shooting film just because of the way the colors look and the way the image comes out grainy, little random analog accidents and details make it more interesting.

What makes you stop and shoot a photo?

I shoot my friends because I want to document our lives. I always find myself in interesting situations with them, where having a camera always pays off. I don’t know; anything that stands out to me. It could be something lame, ironic, clichéd, melancholy, or something really pretty that makes me stop and take a pic. Often I’m trying to recreate moods or concepts from photographers/artists I look up to, like Nan Goldin, Larry Clark, Dash Snow, or whoever.


Sean Pablo _ Backside Flip Houston ParkBackside Kickflip with Bill Strobeck filming – Photo: Paul Roura

You take a lot of photos at night. What is it about the nighttime that draws you in?

I like the way the flash blows things out, and gives things a washed out feel. It gives a photo a different mood than it would have during the day – sort of a ghostly feel.

It’s pretty amazing to sell out of your first piece of printed work. Are you going to give the people what they want and print some more?

Maybe, I haven’t decided if I’m going to make more of the same. We did two runs at Family Books. I’ve got a bunch more photos so I might just keep moving forward.

Are you already working on another one?

Yeah! It should come out within the next month. I’m partnering up with Heavy Time Books to do the next one, and I’m really stoked on it!


How’s the year looking for you? You recently had some footage in the latest Supreme short video titled “The Red Devil.” You working on any full length parts? Or just skating and see where it goes?

The year is looking good so far. Bill’s video is great, Burzum went really well with the skating. His videos really stand out from everything else out there. Other than that, Logan’s vid is coming soon, but don’t sleep on it! Dropping new clothes very soon, keep on the look out!

Whats up with Logan’s video? Besides being the best human, he’s a ripping skater and all round funny dude. I’m looking forward to this one. Will we see a clip of you trying to surf?

Logan’s video is gonna be dope. It’s just all our friends in one sick video, hopefully I will have some surf clips in there.

IMG_2787Nosebonk Backside 180 – Photo: Jared Sherbert

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