Still from 'Hail, Satan?'

The Satanic Temple Are Now Offering College Scholarships

America’s favourite Satanists are back in the news, and this time it’s to help grad students pay their college tuition… and stick it to the Man.

The organisation first caught our eye with their After School Satan Club for kids, then again in Penny Lane’s brilliant documentary Hail, Satan? which proved there’s a whole lot more to their ethos than scaring bible bashers with devil worship. The group advocate for a separation of church and state, along with reproductive rights, rights to medical information and child protection laws—and now, higher education.

The Satanic Temple are handing out ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ scholarships worth $500 to winning applicants who ‘champion individualism, free-thought, empathy, and other noble aspects of The Satanic Temple’s mission to better society as they pursue higher education.’

Submissions can be in the format of an essay, a poem, a work of art, a film project, or another creative expression, and must answer one of the two following questions:

– Please discuss and describe in detail any one of the teachers who crushed your spirit, undermined your self-confidence, and made you hate every minute you were forced to be in school.
– What initiatives have you undertaken that are consistent with TST’s tenets and mission?

While The Devil’s Advocate Scholarship shows just how much the organisation values young people seeking higher education, the same can’t be said for their feelings towards the schooling system nationwide. ‘Compulsory schooling violates the fundamental civil rights of the children who are forced to attend,’ they state above the scholarship submission form. ‘Schooling requires that students endure chronic stress along with a profound degree of tedium and boredom such that empathy is diminished, and depression and anxiety often ensue.’

For more information on the Devil’s Advocate Scholarship click here. Hail Satan.

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