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On Jan 29, Convergence, an exhibit featuring the collaborative art of artist Sage Vaughn and surfer Rob Machado is going down at Flood Magazine Gallery in LA.

While the artwork has been available on pre-sale since Jan 15, you can still check out all the butterflied board glory in person Thursday night, and if you’re lucky, grab yourself some art. Proceeds benefit The Rob Machado Foundation’s Clean Water Filling Stations in California Schools – so it’s a win-win situation.

We had a quick word to ‘ol mate Sage about collaborating with Rob in both his art and his life in general.

How did this exhibition come about?

I went down with Mike D to surf with Rob at Cardiff. Then we went to Rob’s shaping shed and watched him shape a board for Mike. Then Mike asked if I would be down to paint on it. C’mon! Rob’s shaping and Mike’s asking?! I’m just stoked to be in the room. Still totally glazing from the morning surf, he then shaped 3 boards – one for me, one for him, and one for his lady. These were the original “riders of the storm boards.” Once they were glassed, we saw the final product was pretty rad, so I asked Rob if he would be down to do a show together. Less than month later I had 10 shaped blanks at my studio.

Can you surf the boards?

I have one of the first ones we did together – it totally makes you surf like Rob, you have to just sit deep in the line up and keep repeating “Machado-Machado-Machado” to yourself… then catch a left! The board does most of the work, you just have to work on your barrel face and your hand jives.

What’s one of the best conversations you’ve ever had with Rob?

All Rob and I ever talk about is Sterling Spencer. We spent 4 hours walking through the National Anthropological Museum in Mexico City, and all we would say is, “I wonder if Sterling Spencer would like that giant ground sloth?” or “Hey, do you think Sterling Spencer would grind up corn in that manner?” or “Man, do you think Sterling Spencer would ever sacrifice a small native jungle man to the sun gods?”

So, there it is. See you thursday night, Jan 29, 7 – 10pm, Flood Magazine Gallery. 5810 W Third st, LA, CA.

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