Ruskies Gone Wild: The RASSVET Team in Tenerife

Russia’s RASSVET skate team decided to take a break from freezing their яйца (that’s Russian for cajones) off and go check out skate spots in sunny Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and, from all reports, it is skate paradise–especially if you’ve been freezing your яйца off in Russia. To be fair, Russia does get some good weather (the city of Sochi hits 40 °C in summer), but for the sake of this introduction, let’s stick with the standard, ignorant outsider image of Russia as a bleak, sub-zero dystopia where men have to fight bears on their way to work at the vodka mine. So, the RASSVET crew hit Tenerife and had an amazing time. They made a film, took some pictures, and when they came back, we had a chat with team member Tolia Titaev about how it all went.

How did the trip to Tenerife come about?

We were organising our first team skate tour and decided we wanted to enjoy some nice weather, while discovering an unusual skate destination. I looked up Tenerife because not many skate trips happen there. And our choice was right! Sunny days and lots of fresh spots.

Favourite moments on the trip?

Our favourite and worst moment, actually, was the first evening when we met Cam at the airport and we were thinking he would drive our van. Little did I know, he could not drive manual cars, only automatics. So, the lady from the car rental agency basically taught him how to drive a stick in 10 minutes in the parking lot, and we thought we were good to go. So, we’re off, ready for our new adventure, and we stop at a minimart to get some food, but when we drove off on the highway Cam burned the motor! Now, you need to picture the situation: we just got to Tenerife, it’s 11 PM and we’re stuck on the highway in the middle of nowhere. We waited forever for the tow truck to come pick up the van, and then we had to catch a bus and walk most of the way home since there’s no taxi service on the island after midnight. We got home after 5 AM. But you know, we had just bought food and everything, and we were all together, so it ended up being a great memory!

What was your favourite location on the trip and why?

I would say the plaza at the centre of Santa Cruz. It’s probably the only perfect street spot in Tenerife with no security and kick outs. Because every day we were kicked out from spots like five times.

Any plans to visit Tenerife again?

Not yet, but I’ll be back for sure! The island is big, and we probably only saw 40% of it.

What are five things you should always pack for a trip?

  1. My board for sure

2. My jewellery stuff

3. A lot of pants. I’m crazy about them

4. A lot of shoes!

5. Working notebook

Where would you like to go on the next skate trip and why?

I would like to go to NYC. I have never been there and it’s my dream. Just to see all the things going on there and all the crazy buildings.

If you had to choose one member of the RASSVET team to marry your sister, who would it be and why?

I would say Cam! He knows what’s up! And then my sister would live in sunny California!

What’s the best thing about skating in Russia?

I love to skate in Moscow. There are so many spots! And I have a lot of friends living here.

What’s the worst thing?

Sorry but I don’t have any! I like it all.

How has the Russian skate scene evolved over the years?

It’s really been getting bigger and bigger, especially in the last two years! And now we have a lot of kids skating.

What are the key differences between skating in Russia compared to skating in other parts of the world?

Wiiiiinnnnnttteeeerrrrr. I would say that is the only thing.

What’s next for the RASSVET team?

More tours, more videos, more stuff, more boards, and a bigger team!

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