Run the Night with Blacklist LA

Video by Mike Leary. Additional filming by Ryan Neddeau & TJ Gaskill. Photos by Cameron Strand.

Blacklist LA runs Los Angeles.

When you’re in a city, sometimes the great outdoors means the cracked sidewalk gunked with chewed gum, spilled beer, and your occasional friendly bum. However, sometimes it’s much more than that, which is exactly what running group, BlacklistLA has done in the city of Los Angeles.

Founded in 2013, BlacklistLA Run Organization aims to connect people through community, art and running. Together with a team of volunteers, BlacklistLA provides a safe, energetic environment that empowers people to discover the great city of Los Angeles in ways never done before.

BlacklistLA’s weekly events are highlighted by a Monday night art run, where on average, over 300 runners gather at 10pm and run to street art displayed around the city’s streets. Together, with G-SHOCK, we spent a night with the crew to get in on the action.

‘When I look back and see 100 people to this day, I can’t believe it. I almost have to kind of pinch myself and be like, is this really something we created in the city of Los Angeles?’


‘We started Blacklist LA because there wasn’t a lot of group running in 2013. We wanted to showcase street artists to runners and Angelenos, and people just visiting LA.’


‘That’s where we got our name, Blacklist LA because a lot of the muralists were blacklisted from traditional art galleries.’



‘It just feels like an all-out session of energy, art, and beautiful bodies.’


BlacklistLA wears the GA700SKE-7A from the TRANSPARENT PACK Series.

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