Robin Eisenberg’s Wonder Woman Upsets Dorks

A few weeks back, artist Robin Eisenberg was commissioned to draw Wonder Woman.

You probably didn’t hear about it because you’re not a little nerd in a tetracycline-stained anorak. Robin is the illustrator whose work you definitely would’ve seen; she’s done stuff with Vans, Vice, Adobe, Netflix, Apple, Adult Swim, Thrasher, HBO etc, and she’s known for drawing alien ladies with realistic body types and stuff like that. Anyway, a company called Rooster Teeth approached her to reimagine Wonder Woman for an artist collab clothing capsule. Robin said, ‘Sure, that sounds cool,’ and got to work. The results, of course, were amazing, and D.C. Comics (the licensee of Wonder Woman) were so stoked on Robin’s iteration of Wonder Woman, they decided to run her art as a variant cover for their premiere issue of Wonder Woman 1984. Unfortunately, comic book nerds weren’t happy with new-look Wonder Woman and became very upset on Twitter…

No surprise, really, but pretty ironic given the physical attributes of your typical comic shop loiterer (dandruff, overbite, razor-nicked adam’s apples). Fortunately, there were a handful of cool Wonder Woman fans who supported Robin and her Wonder Woman, but none were cooler than the original Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter:

Anyway, this is all a long way of saying that collab is dropping in a couple of days, so if you want to get your hands on a bit of history—and support an amazingly talented artist who has the courage to give unfair norms a bit of a nudge—the limited range will be available on Friday the 18th at Coop Comics.

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