Roaming: Roark’s Adventure Atlas is the Best Travel Book You’ll Buy This Year

The 352-page coffee table book is a must-own for any collection.

Most brands market the excitement of travel and unknown from a group of data nerds who cite mountains of research and haven’t left their work-from-home setups in two years. Not to be an asshole, but the closest these marketers get to a credible adventure is their delivery Pad Thai (‘Oh no, it’s too spicy! I asked for mild!’).

Surf photo by Dylan Gordon.

Roark, on the other hand, puts travel at the literal forefront of the brand. Every collection and campaign is based around unique destinations, and it’s not because locations like Nepal, Senegal, or the Falkland Islands are trending on Instagram or provide an entry point into ‘key emerging markets.’ It’s because the actual founders and employees behind Roark have an unwavering urge to explore the road less traveled. In other words, this is the shit they’d be doing with or without the (dream) job.

Northern Lights photo by Chris Burkard.

And with great experience comes great wisdom. For the first time ever, Roark and veteran journalist/editor Beau Flemister have compiled a book—or atlas, if you will—featuring epic journeys into 16 global destinations, all captured by a who’s who of the world’s best surf and travel documentarians like photographers Chris Burkard, Dylan Gordon, and Chris McPherson. From motorcycling through Nepal to surfing in Iceland to rock climbing in Argentina with brand ambassadors like Jamie Thomas, Nate Zoller, and Ivah Wilmot, Roaming: Roark’s Adventure Atlas is kinda like NatGeo through the eyes of surfers and skaters: it’s a little bit Hunter S. Thompson, a little bit Outside Magazine, a little bit Surfer’s Journal… Basically, our kind of book. And damn, the photos and writing are top notch. Well done, fellas.

Photo by Alan Van Gysen.

Roaming: Roark’s Adventure Atlas is available for purchase at amazon and finer retailers now. Just make sure your passport isn’t expired, ’cause you’re gonna wanna put it to good use afterward.

Cover photo by Chris Burkard.

*Disclaimer: throughout the travels documented within this highly curated book, the people at Roark have learned a ton about venturing into the unknown. Meaning, they’ve fucked up enough so you don’t have to. Then again, maybe you should, because that’s half the fun. Just for the love of god, be respectful while doing so.

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