Riley Payne Prints at Exhibition A

Riley Payne is a fantastically talented New York-based artist and he’s got some limited-edition prints for sale and this notice about it is probably three minutes too late.

Those shits are selling like hotcakes, real hotcakes—the hotcakes momma used to make… before the accident… with the kite.

‘I make paintings and works on paper that combine found imagery with text, abstract shapes and figurative line drawings to create new and unexpected readings between seemingly unrelated visual elements,’ says Riley, sipping sambuca from a bone-china cup. ‘My work takes as reference material mundane and instantly recognizable imagery, often associated with stock photography or advertising. Through a labour-intensive and highly detailed process of re-drawing or painting, I attempt to pause and slow down on these everyday images, allowing unexpected connections and coincidences to come forth in the work.’

Now, that’s what Riley said, but here’s what I reckon: it takes ages to make and it looks cool. There’s an absolute arse-load of prints to choose from, and they are all signed by Riley himself. For more info go to

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