Remembering Ben Raemers

Words by Louie Barletta, photos by Jeff Davis

This past May, at the age of 28, professional skateboarder Ben Raemers took his own life.

The Ben Raemers book is a celebration of all that we loved about Ben. Ben touched everyone he met. He was kindhearted, with such sweet innocence, and had a smile and sense of curiosity that was infectious. We asked close friends and family to contribute their favourite Ben photo and words about Ben. The book is a collection of everyone’s favourite memories of our favourite Benny boy.

To celebrate Ben’s birthday and the launch of the book, we invited all of our close friends over to share their stories in person and remember a truly special soul.

Help continue Ben’s legacy by improving mental health and wellbeing in the skateboarding community at The Ben Raemers Foundation.

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