Red Carpet (Yellowish Rug) at the New Balance ‘Gazette’ Premiere

Photos: Dougal Gorman & Sam Coady.

These days the calibre of skate films are so high they deserve a fancy, plushy, red-cushioned cinema for the premier.

Wednesday saw skaters from all corners of Sydney roll into the Palace Chauvel Cinema to watch Cameron Sparkes latest film: Gazette. Featuring the likes of, Jack Patterson, Sean Ryan, Aidan Ouma-Machio, Karl Dorman, Cody Riley, Jett Stanton, Riwaz Kazi and Tyron Sutherland, the New Balance team is stacked to the ceiling with talented motherfuckers. With names like this, it’s no surprise just how good the video was. With two full parts and a variety of tech goodness from everyone else, Gazette leaves no Sydney spot untouched. The cinema packed to the brim and the good times kept flowing from start to finish. Once the film was over, the hordes made their way to The Unicorn where a well-deserved after-party took place. Big congrats to Sparkes and the New Balance team.

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