Adidas Skateboarding Recreates the Iconic Venice Pavilion at Beyond The Streets

The Venice scene, skateboarding and beyond, is full of showmanship.

The area has been on the world stage as the quintessential punk, surf and skate neighbourhood for as long as each of the subcultures have existed. The place is embedded with history, and there’s a fair dose of pride that comes along with that. The skaters, punks and beach bums really know how to work their angles and keep a crowd happy. Even the local photographers seem more aware of being in other people’s photos than shooting their own.

The juxtaposition of adidas Skateboarding recreating a Venice Pavilion homage in downtown LA was just as surreal as the old men creeping in each corner, as they did as kids 30 to 40 years ago. The OG’s stomped around to the sounds of their youth provided by Excel and new blood of The Shrine, spray painting Locals Only around their new, less sandy home for a day. It was an extremely entertaining time warp.

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