Raven: Dion Agius’ New Haydenshapes Shortboard

After two years in the laboratory, Haydenshapes has finally released Raven, a modern shortboard that salutes the 90’s carve.

Raven is Dion’s new signature model, and its lengthy gestation period can be attributed in part to the pandemic, but also to the meticulous eye of its creators. ‘Several years back—prior to a trip to Indo—Hayden and I began concepting ideas and developing prototypes that allowed me to work more on my turns, said Dion in a statement. ‘These various iterations have evolved quite a bit since the first board, finally becoming the latest version RAVEN. My boards have always been more suited for taking off and racing to try airs, so we began fine-tuning this one to be faster than any shortboard I’ve ridden previously while finding a balance between drive and being forgiving on the rail.’

Check out the full Raven range at haydenshapes.com


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