Dropped: New Rassvet Vid

Russia. Home of bear, vodka, beautiful women, men you don’t want to get in a fight with, and skateboarding.

Yes, skateboarding. Why is everyone always surprised by that? They love it over there. But no one is more dedicated than these cats. The Rassvet team just dropped a new video entitled ЛУЧИ PACCBET WORLDWIDE, which could mean anything. I have no idea. What do know, though, is this new flick has some amazing skating by Val Bauer, Andrey Lyamtsev, Cambryan Sedlick, Joseph Biais, Lilian Fev, Tolia Titaev, and Yaroslav Kondratev. Filmed by Pasha Kryukov, Romain Batard and Trevor Dare (with additional filming by Augustin Giovannoni, Elliot Bonnabel and Tigran Saakyan), ЛУЧИ PACCBET WORLDWIDE will get you psyched to go for a shred. By yourself. In an area where there aren’t too many people. Click the arrow, comrade.

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