Al Knost Releases Shades, Gets The Girl.

Raen have long been at the forefront of optics in our world.

It’s hard to find a pair of sunglasses that don’t make your face look like a potato and genuinely make you look good. Somehow, Raen manage to do that and are just about to drop even more frames guaranteed to fit your weird shaped head. The new RAEN x ALEX KNOST Luxury Wig collab is reflective aviator free and really, really good.


Alex Knost, musician, surfer, shaper, artist and all round fash icon has teamed up with the guys at Raen to design the Flatscreen, Ashtray and Figurative shades. Although he was born in ’85, Alex Knost’s interest was always in surfing culture and design of decades past, which shows in his experimental style and selection of classic shapes. All handmade, hand polished, and fitted with lenses that will protect your eyes, unlike those cheap and nasty ones.

monster-children-raen 2

My grandma once referred to my shoes as bisexual but I think she meant unisex and that’s what these are. Buy a pair for yourself and your better half, then swap and change until your hearts content. Remember how cool Kurt Cobain was? And how you kind of really wanted to be him but with less teenage angst? Well, you can’t have any of his awkward swag but you can look a bit like him with the Ashtray and Figurative frames, that are a rounded cat eye style.


For a more angular shape, the Flatscreen frames are super sleek and will fit your face like a dream. They’re the kind of glasses you put on to go incognito, like in Big Daddy. And it doesn’t even matter that no one knows you’re there anyway, they’ll notice you with these sleek, oversized puppies on your face.


Available in different colours, check out Raen for the best new designs, made with the best materials.


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