Radio Garden is My Favourite Internet Find This Week

Thanks to the world wide web, this week I discovered my favourite new site and app: Radio Garden.

If you’ve been using this thing for years, go smirk elsewhere while I share with my other sweet ignoramuses. Radio Garden is the best radio interface I’ve ever tuned into, and it works like this: on its homepage is a Google Earth looking globe that you can easily rotate and zoom in and out on, quickly traversing continents and their local radio stations.

It doesn’t matter where in the world it’s being broadcast from, if there’s a shiny green dot on the map, you can tune in. So far I’ve listened to jazz in Zushi (Japan), disco in La Rochelle (France), interviews with FBI agents in Falkland Islands, and folk music in Jalalabad (Afghanistan).

Streaming services—despite all their obvious benefits—and their advanced algorithms are making our music libraries increasingly homogenised, so to find a resource like Radio Garden that catapults you straight into the weird and wonderful stratosphere of local radio stations across the world, is pretty exciting. Not to mention, if you’re trying to learn a new language, this is a way to get your vocab down pat that’s a little less business, a little more pleasure.

If you want to dive into a literal world of music that’s waiting at the other end of the airwaves, cure a dose of homesickness with your hometown radio station, or just get a thrill of tuning into a live show being broadcast far away from your COVID-imposed bubble, definitely check out Radio Garden on the website or app now.

Apologies in advance to anyone floating over Australian airspace who stumbles into a Kyle and Jackie O livestream… we’re better than that, I swear.

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