Quiet Life x John Herndon

The Quiet Life’s latest collection is a collaboration with renowned Chicago/Los Angeles based musician, tattoo and illustration artist John Herndon, and it’s sick.

SICK. Who is John Herndon? Let’s ask the press release:

John Herndon was born in Long Island, NY in 1966 and eventually relocated to Western North Carolina with the communal living group the Grateful Union Family Trust, where he spent his childhood. Since the 1990’s, John’s primary work has been in music where he plays drum kit with several groups including but not limited to Tortoise, Exploding Star Orchestra, Pulsar Quartet, and Starlicker. He is also an illustrator and tattoo artist currently working and showing between Los Angeles and Chicago. His illustrative medium is primarily indian ink, watercolour and gouache on paper.

John is best known for his role as the founding drummer of the legendary Chicago band Tortoise.

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When you see this collection of hats, shirts, pins, etc you’re gonna wish you hadn’t spent all your pocket money on bananas, poppers and baby oil. It’s good stuff.

View the new Lookbook/Studio visit, and then go to the website some of this stuff before it all gets snapped up by the Japanese kids.

QL x HERNDON insta 01

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