Quick Chat With Talk Shit Zine

Ah, Paris. Why is it so French?

And why can’t I write about anything French without creating the sound of an accordion in your head? Can you hear it? There it is. N’est-ce pas merveilleux? I love the French and I have a good many French friends, including one named Travis, which is the least French name there ever was. Yedihael Canat, though, that’s a pretty French name, which is good because it belongs to a French person. Yedihael is a photographer, skateboarder and the publisher of Talk Shit, a Paris-based photography zine predominantly concerned with skateboarding. It’s très bien (very good) and I asked Yedi-C some questions about it.

First question: are you related to the famous French actor Guillaume Canet?

Guillaume who?

If we met at a party and I asked what you did, what would you say?

Basically, I take pictures of skaters and naked guys.

What is Talk Shit zine?

It’s a photographic diary about skaters in Paris and my daily life. I am always bringing my camera with me, from skate sessions to parties, and Talk Shit is where this all meets.

How many issues have you made and how often do you drop an issue?

I just released the fourth edition at the beginning of April. I don’t have a goal or a schedule. I accumulate pictures over time, and once I think I have enough good ones I start the layout.

What’s the vibe like in Paris right now with Covid?

If you look at the last Talk Shit, all the pictures were taken during the pandemic. The first lockdown was pretty hard, but over time people got used to it, and it doesn’t feel like a lockdown anymore, even if technically it is. I guess we always find a way to go where we want.

I’ve never been to Paris but I’m assuming it is exactly like the movie Amelie. Will I be disappointed when I finally visit? Why?

It’s more Emily in Paris vibes.

When I visit, would it be okay if I stayed with you?

You would have to go up six floors with no elevator to sleep in my bed, but you are welcome.

Where would we eat breakfast each day?

Well, everything is closed for now, so I guess in the street on a bench. I know a nice one.

What’s in the new issue of Talk Shit?

I am not a big fan of tricks pictures in skate. It’s not what I want to capture when I am on a session. So Talk Shit is about what’s happening around those doing the tricks: guys doing nothing, filming, eating… It’s more about the lifestyle.

Describe skating in Paris in three words.

Converse, Nike, Adidas.

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