Bend Zine

Welcome to the Print Ain’t Dead Zine Review, the department where people send me zines, I review zines, then I put zines in a cardboard box and slide them under my bed. I had a zine once, it was called Wooooo, and it was, according to Cool Hunting, ‘a cult favorite.’ I still sort of have Wooooo; I just haven’t produced an issue in a few years. Anyway, that’s why I’ve decided I’m qualified to review zines: because Cool Hunting said so. If you don’t think I am fit to review zines, you can go plait your poop.

The first zine in the review comes from our good buddy and long-time collaborator, Mr. Andy Jenkins. Andy’s zine is called Bend Zine and the latest issue, the issue I am about to review, is issue #23; but first a few words about Andy. Andy is the longtime art director over at Girl Skateboards and the founder of Bend Press, but more importantly, he’s the creator of Wrench Pilot, the best skate comic of all time. Wrench Pilot lived in the back pages of Transworld and was the first thing I checked out when I got a new issue in my hands back in the late 80s–yes, I could walk and talk and read and use a can opener in the late 80’s. There’s more to Andy than Wrench Pilot, but that’s the bit I like him most for. Now lets take a look at the latest Bend Zine.

Dimensions: 7″ x 8.5″; pages: 44; binding: saddle-stitch. Nice, very nice, but what’s in it? This issue of Bend Zine is an ode to previous issues of Bend Zine and other Bend Press projects from over the years. Very nice. I like it. End of review.

If you have a zine you’d like reviewed, and you don’t mind if I keep it under my bed in a cardboard box forever, send it and anything else you think might curry my favor to:

Crombie. 195 Chrystie St. #701D. New York, New York. 10002.


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