Print Ain’t Dead: Lame Magazine

When Dylan Tucker DM’d to ask if he could call and pick my brains about print publishing, I thought, ‘Oh, come on, man. Really? I’m busy. Jesus. Fucking hell. Okay, fine.’

Dylan just launched his own magazine, Lame, which he hopes will function as a creative hub for his friends and anyone else who makes cool stuff. This is awesome, and I support any and all lunatics who have the balls to launch a print publication in the year 2021, but I’ve been so busy lately (masturbating and eating chocolate) that finding ten minutes to jump on the phone and talk about different bindings and how most printers have cloven hooves hidden in their boots has been next to impossible. So, to appease him, we did an interview. I owe you a phone call, Dylan.

Dylan, what is Lame?

To be honest, we’re still dialling it in, but we love to think we’re here for the up and coming creatives in Orange County, California. Those who push the envelope with their passion. It’s a blast.

Dylan moving units recently.

How long has Lame been around?

We actually just launched at the end of March. Releasing our first issue, ‘Come Look’, and we’ve had a couple of great events; it’s had a great vibe all round. We just released our second open-ended issue online called ’Simple’.

What’s in this first issue of Lame?

A bunch of artists, videographers and photographers who are mad-talented, and we were lucky enough to include them on the platform we’re trying to lay for those types of creatives.


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How long have you, Dylan Tucker, been around?

I’ve been around for 22 years. 22 and a half now.

Is this song about anyone in your family?

I’m not really sure, but I hope Tucker’s daughter didn’t tear him down—dudes got a set of pipes in him. Now that I think of it, she kind of looks like my aunt…  I’ll give her a ring and get back to you. Have you ever rocked one of these?

Nope. What’s it like being 22 these days? Does it suck? Would you rather be tripping balls at Monterey Pop Festival in 1967?

22 has been fun, dude. I work and play hard. I don’t really get hungover yet, which is nice. I’ve been meeting great people, working with great people. I stepped on my first bee the other day which was honestly way too overhyped… But I think we all would have wanted to be at the Monterey Festival.


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Where are you based?

I’m based out of Costa Mesa, California. I was actually supposed to be out on the Gold Coast at Bond University until my plans kind of got derailed by Covid. I was way too excited for it but am happy where my life is at right now. You’re down in Sydney right?


I probably sound like every American that’s beyond fascinated with the wildlife down there, but how insane are the Huntsman spiders? Those things are nightmare material.

They’re the last spiders you have to worry about here, believe me. A bee sting is worse. Next question: I was drunk at Las Barcas’ Mexican Restaurant in 2012 and correctly guessed a woman’s name and star sign at an adjacent table. Did you hear about that?

Dude, that’s how I found out about Monster Children...

Correct. Next question: Who is Lame? Who makes it?

I got Lame going a while back, then my buddy jumped on and now it’s turned into a small team with some contributing photographers and videographers. We also have a ’91 Vanagon that acts as an HQ 50% of the time. We almost drove her into the ground, but she’s buzzing like a bee after some TLC. I just rapped.

Did you call it Lame just in case it didn’t work out? 

I guess it would kind of fit the mould if it sucked (laughs). It’s actually an acronym for Love and Amuse ME. Love the creative, try to Amuse whoever is reading it, and we couldn’t really think of anything for the M and E, but we dig it.

What do you wish you’d known before you began a magazine?

Honestly, I do and don’t wish I knew everything I’ve come to know now about starting something like this. I’d never used any Adobe software or anything before, but I remember I was at this coffee shop and bugged this lady doing work next to me to show me a couple of pointers on Indesign. I mean, these weren’t even really impressive pointers for someone in the know, but it was like learning Mandarin at the time; they went a really long way, though, so thank you, Ava. I’m beyond grateful for everything I’ve learned and it was only through that process of talking and working with some unbelievable people that I was able to experience that.

What can we expect from Lame in the future?

We’re establishing a platform for creativity in not only Costa Mesa but beyond. There’s a lot of little pockets all over Southern California that are filled with unbelievable individuals that haven’t had that opportunity to showcase what they do, and we aim to be the medium for that. So, that and a whole lot of good energy.

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