Print Ain’t Dead: DAYBREAK

I hear a lot of chatter from creatives about how they are going to ‘start a magazine.’ It never happens.

And that’s because of one simple fact: starting a magazine is a crazy undertaking. Like, you’ve gotta be completely, one-hundred-percent nuts. Putting out a one-off publication or zine here and there is a little more manageable, but a full-blown magazine with a mission to be consistent and operate as a functioning business in this day and age? That’s an absurd undertaking.

Which brings me to Tommy Moore. I had the pleasure of meeting Tommy on a recent trip to Mexico with Vans. He was one of the media crew, shooting for DAYBREAK, a magazine I hadn’t yet heard of. He handed me a copy to check out and I was blown away—this thing is really beautiful. The photography is stunning, the design is perfectly refined and there’s a ton of words to wrap your brain around. As a frequent independent publisher myself (and also working for a bunch of magazines over the years), I know that pulling this off is a fucking hard task. Naturally, I had a lot of questions, so I figured we should sit down, turn the recorder on and get some insight into what Tommy has going on with his self-described ‘passion project,’ which has the potential to be the next big thing in the publishing world.

Go grab a copy or the whole catalog at

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