Priest 2 Meet U: The St Ives Medieval Faire

For episode three of everyone’s favourite interview-based web series hosted by a dude dressed as a cleric for no reason, Priest 2 Meet U, we went to a renaissance faire and met some of the people who are super into that stuff.

First, we did Splendour, then we did a dog show, and now we’ve attended a medieval faire. What’s next, Sexpo? (Yes). The St Ives Medieval Faire is an annual ye olde freak-out, and Tom and I were genuinely blown away by its scale. We didn’t go expecting to be bored, but we also didn’t expect to have so much fun. There was an international jousting tournament (gnarly, and the only one in the southern hemisphere), surprisingly violent battles between axe/sword/mace-wielding knights (they were properly wailing on each other), jaw-dropping archery and full-flight birds of prey demonstrations (kept separate, unfortunately), a ‘Living History Village’ that showed punters what it was like to live during different ye olde times (the Viking years, the Byzantine times, the days of the Crusades, the Hundred Years War bit, the Wars of the Roses era, and into the 17th century). There was also live traditional music, interesting workshops, amazing food and drink, and thousands of attendees dressed as if they’d never seen a calculator. It was nerdy as hell and one of the best times Tom and I ever had. Watch the video and say 26 Hail Mary’s.

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