Premiere: ‘ALIVE’ From Hanni El Khatib

Photos by Ryan Moraga

Multi-dimensional LA artist Hanni El Khatib is inching closer to the release of his fifth full-length album, Flight, and the wait has been made somewhat more bearable with this new sneak peek.

Premiering right here on Monster Children is Hanni El Khatib’s new song and accompanying music video, ‘ALIVE’, a reflection on a real-life, near-death experience of Hanni’s, directed by the talented Daniel Pappas. In the music video, the song’s levitative groove floats through the airwaves of a car radio, before cutting out and giving way to an insistent electronic car beep—the vehicle has smashed, and our banged up cat mascot driver (who will ultimately be revealed to be Hanni himself) is in trouble.


As he walks from the car in a daze, Hanni’s euphoric vocals—‘I can’t believe I’m alive’—ring out and a slow-mo descent begins, as the cat tumbles from the top of a muddy and seemingly never-ending flight of stairs. As Hanni explains, ‘ALIVE’ was created from a car accident he was involved in early last year, which he considers himself lucky to walk away from.

‘Our vehicle was rear-ended at high speed, leaving the car crumpled up and flipped over,’ he says. ‘Miraculously, we made it out with no life-threatening injuries. It was definitely a close call. Even the paramedics and police officers on site were in shock that we were all standing there, given the severity of the crash. The whole experience gave me some much-needed perspective on life. I knew I wanted to touch on that somehow on this record. When the instrumental came together for the track it immediately felt like the perfect backdrop for this story.’

Check out the brand new music video from Hanni El Khatib above, and keep your eyes peeled for Flight dropping on May 15 via Innovative Leisure.

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